Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some Color on the Front Porch

                                         The After......

                                         The Before.....

                       Much Better.... Don't you think???   : )

       This set was my Grandmother's.... it is quite old & I have recovered it more than once..... I did not store it this past winter.... it sat out in the Michigan winter.
 Notice the horrible rust & faded fabric....awful...
             One afternoon, a few weeks ago.....
                             on a whim...
     I went for some spray paint I had in the house.... some fabric I bought over a year ago... a remnant I just liked & knew I would someday use.... 
            I am not entirely sure I like it....  ????
   We have a white house with a wrap-around porch all the way across....this sits in a corner.......I do a lot of red geraniums...  white wicker bench....
         thought I would add  something different
                  & use red with turquoise
                        (+ I had it on hand : )  
                    sort of free make-over
              & a short afternoon of work
                         Like??  Not like???

                The new cottage is almost ours..
       Just waiting on the final paperwork.... agh!!!  
                  Why is this taking so long ??? 
               ( & yes.... one of the very 1st things to go
                will be the ugly front door...
              though my sons think there is
             absolutely nothing wrong with it : )


  1. I actually like your makeover- It looks kind of tropical and summery to me...perfect fit with red geraniums!

    I can't wait till you get in your summer place! The door isn't awful but, you are right, I don't think it is in character with the rest of the house. Hugs- Diana

  2. Your make over made me smile ;)... and I want that door- painted pink...pale, pale pink. Just think of all the light it lets in. Big swoon- hope you get it soon. Love the tin roof on it.
    Hugs- Tete

  3. I LOVE your newly painted table and chairs. This is really the "It" color right now! I'm sure it looks beautiful with the red geraniums and bench.

    I have my fingers crossed that you get your home soon. It really is pretty! And big!


  4. What a great makeover; praying you get your home soon.

  5. Well I sure love it Kathy, that is one happy color and such pretty fabric too.

  6. I like!!!!! Aqua is my new favorite color. It looks great with the fabric!

  7. I love the new set! I would drink my coffee there every morning : )

  8. Thank you for stopping by on my blog (the silver glazed dressing table). I've enjoyed clicking through your blog this morning...and I really love the bright colors in this patio set! Well done. :)