Sunday, July 10, 2011

If you could do anything you wanted ????

                                  In your kitchen??
                 Would you play & be fun ??
                       Or would you go safe?
                               & do White??

   The new lake house we are purchasing
 has 2 kitchens.....
The one has new cabinets... we will leave those alone
The other kitchen needs a complete re-do

                                  (kitchen to be re-done above)
                         This home is a foreclosure & needs a TON of work...
                              almost all of it HAS to be re-done....
                             So without spending my arm, leg
                      & selling my 1st, 2nd & 3rd child
                           I am going to try & just do what I can
                                       with very little money

                 So we/I will be painting these cabinets for now     

                      What would you do??
                      If you had the chance??

                              Red Perhaps??

                                           A pretty soft green??

                                     A Bright Lime Green??
                 (yea....That's not going to happen... : )

                                Yellow "ish"?? Off white??
                            Brighter yellow??          
                     A shade of Blue??  Aqua??
                        Black???  Too safe???

                                   I kind of like the grey???
                Seriously??  What would you do??
                   If you could decorate a        
                   vacation/weekend place ???
         ( & then tell me why someone would
                      have 2 kitchens?? )

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  1. Congrats on the new place. Sounds like work, yes, but oh so much fun. Can't wait to see where you take it. I kind of like the idea of grey too. I am thinking of doing that in our getaway spot. But I loved those red cabinets too. Green was fun. Oh BeColorful me, I love them all. :P

  2. Second home with a second kitchen? I would go crazy and have fun with it! Let your creativity come out!

  3. Well,If I was by myself and didn't have to consider others, I would go crazy and have a blast.I would pick the first.With my husband in mind I would pick a more traditional one, of course.Denise

  4. Oh yes,I along with others wonder--Why two kitchens?

  5. Hmmmm..that's a hard one. I would definitely not do the bright colors for myself. I like the grey..and I actually like all of them. I also like the green because I find it soothing..and the white-distressed a bit. Have fun! Pick something you will love to live with for a long time~ xo Diana

  6. I love each except for the LIME green one!
    I'd say whatever you do go for a NO-UP-keep STYLE...this is a fun cottage retreat right?
    What ever you decide you'll love...if not REDO!!!
    Story of my LIFE!
    Happy Sunday girlfriend,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  7. Just wanted to share with you... My friend's Grandparents raised their 4 children, crops, food in a house with a dirt floor. When they built a new home, one thing they included was a "utility room." Her utility room consisted of lots of cabinets, a washer & dryer, extra refrigerator and deep freeze (as she called it), a range with an oven and a large double sink. Directly ajoining the utility room was a half bath. I'm not sure why she had no shower there, but that was back in the 60's and she probably thought 2 bathtubs was extravagant!

  8. Grandma canned, cooked extras for big meals, cleaned meat from a fresh butcher among other things in her utility room.

  9. I was very happy with the Cabinet Transformation kitf from Rust-Oleum. They have a variety of colors. I really wanted green kitchen cabinets but my husband wasn't sure. I am happy with the brown now though.

    Thanks for the comment! Good luck on your color selection!

  10. Hi Kathy! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. The advice regarding the window treatments was very helpful!
    In regards to the kitchen cabinets, I LOVE the gray as well, I would also consider an off white too. I hope to tackle that project in the near future and am leaning more towards a grayish taupe. Similar to Martha Stewart's Mourning Dove that Layla at The Lettered Cottage used in her beautiful kitchen.
    Again, I appreciate your kind words and becoming my newest follower!
    Oh, just remembered... Kate at Centsational Girl just did a post about the Cabinet Transformations kit and she was very pleased with it! Hope that helps! Good luck!

  11. Hi Kathy...what fun!! I really like the light green with the white...or the aqua with white.
    Two kitchens???
    Enjoy re-doing the new place.

  12. Hello---I popped over from MMS Furniture Friday :) I've done my kitchen cabinets twice. My advice would be to go conservative on the cabinets and do something fun and creative on the walls or with your furniture. Painting the cabinets is alot of work! If you do a crazy color and then a year or two later don't really love it anymore (this is what would happen to me--LOL) then it's a ton of work to repaint!!! I am loving the grey as well!!!! Best of luck!!!

  13. We recently redid a kitchen at our river house and we decided to go bold with almost a fuchsia red, now I want to paint them gray. But I do love the light green color.

  14. Hi Kathy! Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving a comment on my blog! A house on the lake? How lucky you are!! A new place to decorate and fun! If it were me, I would choose a kitchen that is white, light gray or aqua. I think those are all fabulous colours for a kitchen at a lake house! Have a fabulous Saturday with your family! Angie xo

  15. I'd figure out the style of the home first: country, french-farmhouse, modern, etc. Then I would look at furnishings I already had and what colors I want to live in...fabric stores are a good first stop. Find a fabric you love and take the color scheme from there maybe? Like Sara Richardson and Candace Olsen do. I redid my kitchen 2 yrs ago and I love it. The only regret I have is staying too neutral in the tile I wish I had gone gray-blue which I was attracted to, instead of the "safe" beige I went with. Most of all:Have fun!!!

  16. Soft green or aqua...either one would be tons of fun to cook in. I love the floor in the gray photo. Have never seen anything like that before.

  17. I just painted my kitchen cabinets sage green.