Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A New Chapter

                   My Family....
           I have not said much about my family
                      on here before....
          My 3 sons.....
                    (hate this pic of me, but love it of the boys )
             And they are married to 3 lovely girls 

                    The one in the middle of this pic
                      is our oldest, Michael.
           Michael is such an interesting guy....
            He is an engineer for his real job....
             BUT has so many, many hobbies
                   & they are all extreme

              Yes, look closely, that is him kayaking,    
                  over a large waterfall... Yikes!!

Kiteboarding in Mexico

He does extreme skiing & snowboarding
He buys & sells tractors &
boats for a hobby.
He & his wife have lived in Mexico for a year,
they went to Africa a few yrs. ago, for a month,
just to kayak the world's biggest river. They have hiked all over.

He does hunting & fishing in a big way.

                    He seriously never sits still

             Picture above... Michael & Carrie in London.
     Middle of the night, in a London airport, on the way to Hungary... a few hours to kill.... don't waste them in an airport... go see something... : )
( I had to take a pic for him in front of Jerry Garcia's home in San Fransisco :)

Michael was burned pretty bad last week
He was riding & tinkering with a seadoo & it exploded
flames 10 -12 ft. in the air...
He will be OK..... but burns on his arms & face
look pretty nasty right now

(on again... after the accident...How many times do I have to say,
 "Michael, be careful" ?? :  )

Anyways.... why I tell you a little about Michael??

He will be the father of our 1st Grandchild.. : )
 Michael & Carrie told us a few weeks ago

                    And we could not be more thrilled.... : )