Monday, June 27, 2011

My View Today

From the upper deck of our new COTTAGE!!!!

What? I didn't tell you before??
Guess I didn't want to jinx it... : )

It will be our new "Up North Place"

It was a foreclosure... It is HUGE & needs a lot of work...
Today I sat & waited for all the inspectors to come thru...
just for our peace of mind that the structure is fine....
All is good.... : ) 

So guess what I will be doing for the next few months??
2500 sq. ft of painting, flooring.....

I think it will be fun???


  1. God bless ya, girly! Been there done that- you will have a ball...and when you are tired of fixing and painting you can sit a spell and take in the water view! xo Diana

  2. How awesome! :) I'm very happy for you. The fix-ups will make it "your own".


  3. Yes it will be fun...good luck! Have fun.

  4. Hooray!!! Gorgeous view!!! You're going to have so much fun fixing it all up! And I am looking forward to before and after photos!!

  5. Hi Kathy. sounds like a busy summer for you!
    If you are home at the end of the month, why don't you meet up with us in Allegan. You might find a few things for your new cottage.
    Enjoy the 4th.

  6. hey Kathy, love the view! A little jealous! Do you have any idea about when that chair was made? I was thinking the 50's but I'm not sure. Have a great 4th!


  7. Kathy, I looked back over some old posts of mine today and found your name on a comment. Just thought I would drop by and say Hi. This sounds exciting about the new place! Lots to blog about. Have fun decorating.