Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Collection of Christmas trees

                           I have a collection of  Vintage
                Ceramic Christmas trees.

                                            I have them all over the house.
            I really never meant to collect them, it just happened. 
 I happened to get my Grandmother's when she passed. Then I bought one at a thrift store for $2. Then a client told me they were pretty valuable & collectible. So if I saw one cheap, at a thrift store, I would buy it. I think I have 40 + of them in all shapes, colors & sizes. I have never paid more than $5. for one.

                 The very large in one in the middle was a gift from a friend, from Church. She had it in her barn, didn't want it any longer & gave it to me. The one on on the left, back... Last week, I was home with the flu, a friend calls, says that she saw one at GW for $4. but it did not have any lights, so she didn't think I would want it. I got dressed, not feeling well, drove down there, bought it for the $4. & the lights were all taped to the inside.... told her she could have gotten $100 for it on Ebay..... : )

                                   Playing around with them on the kitchen counter
                       I  am just getting out the decorations..... 
                      & they will all get moved around as I add : )

                                      Back entry table.                            
              One of the few I have in the Beauty shop.... this one I bought just a few weeks ago at a thrift store, no base, no lights, I hesitated, as they wanted $5. But I bought it. Went back this week & there was the base.... they gave it to me for free.                     

                                     Ceramic wreath, goes with the collection.
                         Back entry.... Goodwill $2. a few yrs. ago

                  Mantle tree, not lit,  with mantle to be decorated
                      with greenery in the next day or 2.

          I am late getting at my decorating this year.
     I have been down with flu & busy with my wool business....
       I knew back in July I should have been sewing mittens & scarves : ) 
               More on that later.... I still have to decorate my 2 trees, put up the Dickens village.... & an upholstery job to finish by the weekend....
            Better get to it......


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just a little of where I have been....

 I have been M.I.A.  & before I start posting Christmas & all that goes with that, I will show you just a little of what I have been up to....
  The week before Thanksgiving I flew to Dallas. I go there 4 - 5 times a year to work.
And I need to explain the "work" I don't actually get paid in cash... BUT BOY do we work!!

         See these nice women all lined up. They are waiting to get in.

    It is kind of a long story, so I will try & give the short version. I have a friend in Dallas who is a clothing designer & manufacturer. And she is not small potatoes... she is HUGE.
 She started a small company years ago to put her husband thru seminary, now she has 4 of her own labels, owns maybe another 4, her clothing is in lots of small upscale boutiques, she designs a large line for Dillards, she does a lot of Coldwater Creek, does some for Nordstrom's ..... & lots & lots more.   Anyways 4 - 5 times a year they have warehouse sales in Dallas, & a few girlfriends & I fly in.  And we work the sale.  And work is not even the word for it... we bust ourselves for 3 days straight.  And they pay us in clothing.    How COOL is that??? !!!!!! 


                               (all pics just before the customers attack)

        Women stand in line to get in... there are great deals... $300 coats for $50. ,  $150 tops for $20.... Each sale is just a season behind, this sale was fall clothing.        
     At each sale, there will be 15,000 - 20,000 pieces of clothing. & I tell you the truth, I probably handle them all at least 2 - 3 times. We spend each day from before 7 until maybe 9 at night, hanging them back up, waiting on customers, picking them off the floor, squeezing thru the mobs & the racks to hang them back where they belong.
  But I can tell you this after the fact. It is great fun. (don't ask me while I am at it, it would be a different answer : )  And truthfully, each time I book a ticket to go again, hubby says to me, "I thought you said that you were never doing that again" : ) 
  ...MEN... they just don't get it... it is like child-birth, you forget until you are in the middle of it again, or the pain just after : ) 
  But my 2 good friends from Colorado, fly in. I come in from Michigan, & then the Texas girlfriends.... and we sort of have a big slumber party for 4 days in the guest house.  We take things back that we might like & at night, we all try on for each other.... that part is great for a lot of laughs. 
   I met all these great friends more than 20 yrs. ago, thru ministry & I am extremely blessed to have them all in my life.  The work is hard, but good, but the friends I have made & met thru this have added so much to my life.  
  The clothes don't hurt either & my family will plan that is what they will get for all occasions.. Christmas is coming : ) In fact they give me specifics on what they are in need of : )

                                   (one of the dressing rooms)     
   I always come home extremely tired & I could write a book on flying these days... This past trip alone, in one day I was asked 3 times to get off a plane for mechanical issues, I was re-booked 4 times, took a bump, my luggage did not follow....  BUT.....I will forget that next time I book my ticket to go again....
   Now on to Christmas.... had the flu all week.... so now to get at it.....