Saturday, March 12, 2011

Upholstery job.... DONE & DELIVERED !!!!!!!!

                 This job kicked my back side to the curb & back again.....

                            The Before.... there was 2 of them
                                         with the ottoman

                             She said that she was in no hurry....
                                        They were just starting the remodel job.....
                             It would be more than a few months.....

                                       yea.... no kidding.....
                                   It took me that long.........
                            I started last fall & took them apart        
                Then the mitten business took over my entire life
                Remember??  How I whined about it back over here
                      So... after the Holidays, I got back to the job.....

                               She told me to be creative....  Do what I wanted....
            The fabric was reversible & she wanted me to use both sides.
                     & She did not want the skirts back on the chairs.
                  BUT... BUT... BUT.... It all had to match..... AGH!!!
                   & then there was not quite enough fabric.... AGH!!!!
                             because of the repeat in the fabric
                   I did what I thought looked best & tried to match
      Thinking..."well, you would want the brown where your head rests"
                 "& brown near the floor, where dirt would gather"
                        "& brown where your hands would rest"
               SOoooo I just went with it, adding as I went along...
                 not sure what it would look like, until I was finished.
                                 Because that's how I roll.....
                                           So, the seat cushions are reversible
                  Then I thought it was kind of boring, so I added the 4 in.
                             border, blue in front, brown in back.
                            So adding & subtracting as I went....
                          but because of no skirts, I had to hand sew
                 the border & welt on, there was nothing to nail it to....
                      again.... going with the flow, not planning it out
                                            ahead of time
              This set is going in her new 800 sq. ft. bedroom.
                               They will set by the fireplace.
                             So she wanted pillows for the bed
                            Did you read that?? 800 sq. ft.??
                                As big as our 1st house....  : )
                    SOooo I finish this job, I am taking pics to show you
                              And then to my GREAT HORROR!!!
              Do you see it??? The dumbest mistake I have EVER made.....
                     I had sewn welting in the seams on the back of
                                one chair & not the other  
                                 How ever did I do that???     
              I guess, when you go with the flow & add here & there
                            And you are rushing.... AGH!!!!    
                 So now what to do???  It would mean taking the
                           whole chair apart again... OH NO!!!!
                       I seriously thought about glueing it on ....   :) 
                        (would she notice?? If I left as is?? :)
                So after some careful consideration & thought...
                                 I hand stitched it on.
                                             I delivered them a few days ago
                                  And she was very pleased
                   And just the day before I delivered them, I couldn't    
                 leave well enough alone & quickly made a few throw
                                    pillows for the chairs    
                 I am not by any means a professional upholsterer...
        And I have done jobs like this before..... For myself... :)            
                          BUT this one just about did me in.
       Did you see how many miles & miles of welting there is on these? :)
              You really could not pay me enough to do this one again
                   (she is a friend or I would have had to charge as
                          much as she spent on the remodel :)            

                               I have another chair sitting here,
                                      for someone else
                                     waiting to be done...
                                 (with no matching AT ALL :)

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aren't Blogging friends just WONDERFUL!!!


      I am not a very good blogger. I keep thinking that I need to take some time & learn how to really do this. I can not use the excuse that I am new to this much longer...had this blog almost a year now... I just haven't given it much attention... I keep forgetting to take pics, or I think that I don't really have much to share with you, or I am just too busy...

    BUT I have met the most wonderful folks out there in blogland....
Take Glenda over at Serendipity Cottage....  I met her almost from the start of my blogging experience. She is the most delightful girl & takes the most beautiful pics. She has a wonderful family, whom she adores & writes about often.
     She has recently started selling her wonderful "Glad rags"

           They come in sets of 3 for $11.97 with free shipping 

             Recently she had a give-away... of some of her Glad Rags,
                   & I was one of the lucky ones to get a set.

We were gone for a few days when they arrived,
but what a sweet package in the mailbox to come home to.

They are just wonderful.

                They are almost too pretty to use... But please do use them,
                                       so soft & thick. 

                   Wouldn't they make a lovely bridal shower gift? 
      Or just something fun for a niece at college?  Or a "just because"
                    gift for your daughter or daughter-in-law? 
                             Or just treat yourself for once. 
              She wraps them up in a delightful crocheted flowers with
               some vintage buttons....  Just too cute for words. 
                             If you haven't met her yet....
                      Go on over to Serendipity Cottage for a visit
                          Meet Glenda.... you will love her, I promise.
                               Then while you are there....
                      go to the sidebar & check out the Glad rags.
                              Then buy some of your own...
                            And one more thing about Glenda...
                         she is writing the most delightful story, 
                                  about a girl named "Rose". 
                  She gives us a chapter at a time & I am always    
                        anxious for the next part of the story....  
       Glenda is one talented girl & I am so pleased to call her a friend....
              She is one of the reasons I love blogging so much.

        Thanks Glenda for the very sweet, very soft & very useful gift!!!