Friday, July 22, 2011

A Birthday Purse

                                     Maggie's Birthday

                   Niece Maggie is turning 18
                   Party was planned for 5:30
                   I had already gotten a gift                       
                   But I had a free afternoon
                         SO I thought...
                     She needs a purse    :) 
                   1:30... I go thru my stash
      She liked the one I had made myself last year     

                                           So I got to work

                        Pockets on the inside
                    Full pocket across the back             
                    Pulled apart on old belt
                              To use for rings & embellishments

                                     Walked out the door at 5:00

                               She loved it!! 
                                (no pic of her with purse.. : )     

Thursday, July 21, 2011

HOT !!!

                                 My son sent this to me today...
              Just thought it was worth a smile.... : )

Sunday, July 10, 2011

If you could do anything you wanted ????

                                  In your kitchen??
                 Would you play & be fun ??
                       Or would you go safe?
                               & do White??

   The new lake house we are purchasing
 has 2 kitchens.....
The one has new cabinets... we will leave those alone
The other kitchen needs a complete re-do

                                  (kitchen to be re-done above)
                         This home is a foreclosure & needs a TON of work...
                              almost all of it HAS to be re-done....
                             So without spending my arm, leg
                      & selling my 1st, 2nd & 3rd child
                           I am going to try & just do what I can
                                       with very little money

                 So we/I will be painting these cabinets for now     

                      What would you do??
                      If you had the chance??

                              Red Perhaps??

                                           A pretty soft green??

                                     A Bright Lime Green??
                 (yea....That's not going to happen... : )

                                Yellow "ish"?? Off white??
                            Brighter yellow??          
                     A shade of Blue??  Aqua??
                        Black???  Too safe???

                                   I kind of like the grey???
                Seriously??  What would you do??
                   If you could decorate a        
                   vacation/weekend place ???
         ( & then tell me why someone would
                      have 2 kitchens?? )

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some Color on the Front Porch

                                         The After......

                                         The Before.....

                       Much Better.... Don't you think???   : )

       This set was my Grandmother's.... it is quite old & I have recovered it more than once..... I did not store it this past winter.... it sat out in the Michigan winter.
 Notice the horrible rust & faded fabric....awful...
             One afternoon, a few weeks ago.....
                             on a whim...
     I went for some spray paint I had in the house.... some fabric I bought over a year ago... a remnant I just liked & knew I would someday use.... 
            I am not entirely sure I like it....  ????
   We have a white house with a wrap-around porch all the way across....this sits in a corner.......I do a lot of red geraniums...  white wicker bench....
         thought I would add  something different
                  & use red with turquoise
                        (+ I had it on hand : )  
                    sort of free make-over
              & a short afternoon of work
                         Like??  Not like???

                The new cottage is almost ours..
       Just waiting on the final paperwork.... agh!!!  
                  Why is this taking so long ??? 
               ( & yes.... one of the very 1st things to go
                will be the ugly front door...
              though my sons think there is
             absolutely nothing wrong with it : )