Monday, June 6, 2011

On the Road Again...

         My up close & personal encounter with 
                               Bruce.... THE MOOSE!!! 

      Since my last post I have traveled from one end
         of the country to the other... well almost...
          Been in New York.... then Colorado....
   And Up north here in Michigan, on the weekends
                     we have been home.
                While in Colorado I met Bruce

      We were near Buena Vista at Frontier Ranch, a Young Life camp. We were there to participate in a work week. Each night between dinner & Worship, we had about an hour... husband & son took showers & naps, so DIL & I decided to take a short drive...
   We drove to an old Ghost town nearby...
                                 St. Elmo

                                  There was absolutely no one around

And we came across Bruce....

        We followed him around town until it started to get dark... about 45 min. (we missed worship that night : )
   When we told some folks who live there, they did not believe us until we showed our proof... they said,  
    "Can't be, there are no moose near here"
    Well, we encountered the one lone Moose....
 who must have wandered his way down from Montana.... just to give us a thrill....
      Now I am off to a week of fancy schmancy dinners in Washington DC.... Where they say it will be HOT, HOT, HOT.... from 2 ft. of snow in Colorado.... : )






  1. Yay for Young Life! We have a special place in our hearts for Timberwolf Lake up north - the Hubby has worked there as their health officer & I did summer staff there...and we are good friends with both the people that started the camp, and the people who run it now!

    PS - Bruce the Moose is huge!

  2. Maybe that was the GHOST of a moose since you were in a ghost town?;>) Did he suddenly disappear? Unbelievable! Well, I DO believe because you have pictures to prove it. Thank goodness you took those. I visited a couple of those old ghost towns many years is really eerie, isn't it? And can't you just imagine the lives that took place there? The saloon owner, the merchantile? Sad to me-

    It is hot in WI and we are going Up North to MI next weekend..nope..weekend after that- starting in Escanaba~ xo Diana

  3. This is a little spooky...I've never heard of moose in Colorado either! But you have the evidence!!

    Enjoy your time in has to be cooler than here, we have hit 100!

    Thanks always for your visits, Kathy! :)


  4. Wow....I have never seen a moose in Colorado...I guess you just never know. We have been to St. Elmo, in the summer it is a little more active!!!

    Be sure you stop in for a great hamburger next time you go through really is a good one!!

  5. Very nice pictures, I always wanted to visit Colorado. Enjoy your visit to DC.

  6. OMG that is so cool! The pics are just amazing....and I love that little ghost town too!
    Very interesting post, when we were along the UP I was constantly looking for my moose! I like Colorado but I like the Upper Penisula of Michigan even better!

  7. Love the moose! When I lived in Maine, they were all over the place -- very cool animals! We had one here in NW Iowa many years ago -- he was all over the news.

  8. Wow! Bruce is HUGE!
    Sounds like your having a ball...and having all kinds of different weather.
    Enjoy your time away and the work camp!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    sweet Up-North Mornings...

  9. Bruce would have scared me to death, I wouldn't have followed to close. it sounds like you have a fun, interesting, life.

    You were right on about Casey every time I want to give her some slack I think...wait, 31 days and you don't report your daughter missing!!!

    Welcome to blogging I think you are going to do great. I'm your newest follower I think you have a fun life to follow! Hope you will follow me back


  10. Kathy, I already follow you, you've been awol for a while. See, when I like someone, well, I like someone! LOL


  11. Glad you liked the Friday Funny! I laughed until I cried last night when I first read it...and now I see you have met a giant MOOSE! lol Have a great weekend!


  12. Love the moose pic in Colorado and I just love ghost towns and that one looks like a good one... Hope you blog to us soon...

  13. Wow! I guess you weren't kidding when you said you've been to Buena Vista. It sounds like we were there the same time!
    What a small world :)

  14. Crazy! I used to see moose every once in a while in Steamboat (NW CO) So i believe you : ) That was a big boy though!