Monday, February 21, 2011

Something sweet....

                  I started to write this post over a week ago in the airport...
      I was on my way to Dallas from Michigan, hoping to escape this....
But I got to Texas & it was more of the same......
Cold & Ice

So fast forward a week & Michigan had a few days of warming
The snow melted...
BUT today... this is what we have AGAIN....

It was so nice yesterday, my sister & I decided to go north to the cottage.
My husband is in Colorado, he is getting to spend a few days with our son & DIL, helping with a remodel project on the front end of his business trip.

Sister & I were going to spend a few days, but Mr. Weatherman was telling us that BIG weather was coming again, so we left early this morning & drove home, so we could get home.    SO.... I am home alone & enjoying all that being snowed in alone means.... I get the big comfy chair in the sunroom, get to eat when/what I want, not sharing... reading, watching movies & catching up on blogs....

So I digress.....
 This is what I wanted to show you...

A client of mine is a fairly recent widow. She has moved into an assisted living facility & is down-sizing her things.
Since she no longer drives, I usually pick her up, cut her hair & then bring her back. She asked me this last time if I had a few minutes to come up to her apartment. She had this there & asked me if I would like it. Her family was going to throw it out & she said, "I think Kathy might like it"
 Are you kidding me??? I LOVE it.

 It hangs on the wall & will soon be on the wall of my "being remodeled sewing room"
She said that it was quite old & was handmade.
She gave it to me, just as you see it...
with all of that colorful thread.
Do you notice that each little shelf flips out to better get at the thread?
 I have lots & lots & lots & lots of thread, & thread holders in all shapes & sizes to hold all of the serger & regular sewing thread.

 But I think this will be used mostly as a piece of art for the wall.
Isn't it just perfectly lovely??
Such a thoughtful gesture, she knew I would love it....
Sure glad it did not end up in the land fill.
Thanks Tina!!!



  1. That is awesome Kathy, it's pretty as can be, and I can't imagine that anyone would throw something like that away...what are people thinking...
    happy monday, have a good week.

  2. Oh- I love it! What a great old piece! I have a couple of those plastic ones and they are okay but yours is great!

    We are "snowed in" too...although I did manage the trek to Starbucks this morning (bad-I know). We got a foot of the fresh stuff last night and a bit more coming today. Glad you beat the storm home. Hugs-Diana

  3. A fantastic olden piece. Just love it and the threads are all so colorful.
    Hope you weather is better soon.
    xo bj

  4. Hi Kathy,
    It's good to know other's are in the same boat weather wise.
    Neat olden spool holder! I would love to have one!
    Do you go to the UP? I so love it there!

  5. Hi Kathy,
    I love the spool holder! What a special gift and how thoughtful of her to think of you.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I am new at this and it's so exciting to see someone leave a comment. :) As for the Havanese... GET ONE. They are truly very special! I could leave 10,000+ words and type all day on all the attributes and idiosyncrasies that makes them such a sweet dog. They are so very smart and loving. I've got MHS now (multiple Havanese syndrome) and would love to get Holly a brother... but hubby doesn't feel the same way. Yet. haha!

    Have a great day!