Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Happy Entryway!

   This is our back entry  

Don't know if I ever said it here, but I am a hairdresser. I have always been a stay-at-home-mom. But did hair from our home. That allowed me to be home, be flexible & work around the boys, youth ministry & husband's business travel.
So when we built our home, we put the shop at the back entry, where customers don't have to go near the places that we live.  So when they come in, this is what they see.... The 1st pic is from the kitchen door, looking towards the shop door.
And right now, there is contest at a shop in our town, for a $100 gift cert. asking to see "How we do Roeda"
So since I was taking pics for that, I thought that I would show a little of my "Roeda"
Carol Roeda is a fabulous artist from Grand rapids Michigan, you may have even seen her work.
You can visit her Here
The pieces that I have of her here, are all painted metal & she uses magnets to embellish.
I change out with the seasons... & her stuff is a little pricey, but most of these things have been gifts.

This is a pic of a mirror that hangs in the hallway

The flowers & embellishments that you see are all magnetic, & I switch them all out during different seasons.
This fabulous topiary stands next to my kitchen door. It was a Christmas gift from my Husband a long time ago. When I 1st got it, I was going to use outdoors, by the back door, but with Michigan winters, I decided to leave it here. I embellished with red berries, bought new in pkg. with a price tag of $29, but I only paid $1. at Salvation Army... SCORE  At Christmas I just add a big old bow to cover the bird : )

This piece "In Everything give thanks" hangs on the wall across from the mirror.
Little ceramic verse ..."His mercies are new every morning"
(bought recently at a Young Life camp store :)

Pretty much everything else is a thrift store find.
The little table here was $8, & is soon to be painted. The wooden church, I found recently at GW for $2. (who would ever give that away?? ) It is a favorite of mine.
Little table lamp, $1.00

The little blue hanger near the door, .50 at GW The round table in the corner, $2. GW, in bad shape, but just spray painted black. The pics & mirrors, GW. The red metal sconces ARC in Denver, $1. each.
Clock & candle holder thrift store finds, with tassel I made myself.
This door leads to the bathroom used by clients & the black metal bucket was a find at my favorite Discount store in Manistee Mi.  was $1.00 & I just painted it black. The cherry picture frame was a gift & has a pic of a Christmas card that our family did a few yrs. ago, when the boys were all in college.... before the daughter-in-laws came along.   Don't know if you can see it well, but we own an orange VW camper van, bought off Ebay, by hubby & the boys, as a lark.....I had them put a tree on top, as if we had been out in the woods, chopping our own tree, & all holding the new puppies...
& then wrote a funny little poem about our "FFF"   Forced Family Fun...

I'll just finish with a Carol Roeda piece that I have on the mantle in the living room....
(And really the rest of my house is not this cluttered .... I just love the whimsy in the back hall & can't seem to stop myself from adding more : )


  1. Hi Kathy! Yes, JD had a major haircut.... Starting to interview for jobs. :( We all loved his beautiful hair and they wanted to get ALL of their wedding pictures finished before he cut it. I love your profile. We have so much in common. Even though JD has put his resume into many places, I am not sure that the Lord is not preparing him and Whit for the ministry. They have already served as the main leaders for a Childrens weekend camp in Alabama and they have two other speaking engagements with youth coming up. One is with the Northeast Ga. Fellowship of Christian Athletes. They have a monthly gathering of over a thousand students and they want the kids to speak on Purity. Pray for both as they venture where the Lord wants them!
    Have an awesome day in the Lord!

  2. Loved your comment. Thanks for stopping by BeColorful.

    What a great career that allowed you to be home with your family. Yay you.
    I am crazy for that mirror. What a fun idea to be able to change it out with magnets. Then the topiary. Total fun. The vase on your fireplace looks like something I would have bought too.
    Red is such a welcoming color that just seems to make a room smile.

  3. What a cute country corner!!! I think it's a wonderful welcome to your home. I grew up in Grand Rapids! LOVE it there.

  4. thanks for stopping by and commenting on my bird bath - Of course you can use the idea- that is why I shared it - its what I love abt blogging people helping and sharing with others - if you do let me know I'd love to see your version!.....Jo

    ps the birds around here aren't really into sharing anything - berries, seeds, or

  5. That mirror is a genius idea. And I'm so loving the red bench!

  6. I love the bright cheery red in your home! Just wanted to let you know the antique mall is in Grand Haven, on the corner of Ferris and 31, right off the highway.

  7. O, I love your fun entry....and bet your customers do, too.
    Have a great day..
    xo bj

  8. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my purse insert post. I like how you think. One of the girls in my Traveling Door group also sews well and I think she should try making these for our sale in November. Let me know if you make one. I could feature it.

  9. Oh my heavens!!!! How I love this entry!! Just absolutely love your style!! I am so googling that "In everything give thanks" wall piece. LOVE that!! So glad I stopped by... what an inspiration this is!

  10. Your entryway says "Come in we're very happy here!"
    Love it and Love Carol's stuff too.
    Going to Grand Rapids tomorrow to shop- with a friend...can't wait!
    Thank You for stopping in...always love your visits,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  11. Hi there, I surely do appreciate you stopping by my blog and your sweet comments. I totally understand if you live up north your hesitancy to see fall and winter arrive.Yikes, I would not like all that snow, either. But it's been so hot here I can't do it makes me long for cooler weather. I love your back entry, the bench and the sign are my favorites.
    That Kathy above me here is one of the sweetest gals you will ever meet...and very talented.
    your blog is inspiring, cause I love red....