Monday, July 19, 2010

"Bear" with me

    We had some excitement this weekend.
 We own 3 different pieces of property in Northern Michigan. They are all a few miles apart, & as we were driving down some back roads between, we hit a bear with the car.  He/she just ran out of the woods & right into us.  It was HUGE!  & scared the living daylights out of me.
  He ran back into the weeds & we watched him go, tracking where he went.  
Now we hit him hard, & hubby was pretty sure that he had to be hurt, so not wanting to go into the woods, after an angry bear, we went back to our place & waited a bit.
 Now my husband is a big hunter & he WANTED that bear for a rug in front of the fireplace. 
   So, waiting a little more & making a few calls, hubby decided it was "safe" to go back & look :) 
  So.... here is the picture... it is 90 degrees & hubby is walking thru the swamp in big ole boots & hunting gear, armed with a knife, "just in case" he tells me.... my sister & I are in the van watching... we have shorts & flip flops on.... with nothing at all to go after a bear with. You can just imagine the scenarios that we came up with.... the "what if's"
  But after a little bit he comes back with nothing ( "Yay", I say under my breath ) Hubby doesn't have a scratch on him.... ( the "what if's" in my head ) & the last thing I want is a dead bear on the floor......
   The DNR said that they would do some looking, but it is a pretty big area.....
I've never seen one that close before, it ran right into my side of the car....
 We have a Christmas tree farm not far from there & Hubby & the boys have seen the mother & cubs there, before..... & I have heard the stories...
     I'm hoping that he/she was just stunned & will be just fine.  


  1. wow! that is definately one I've never heard before! a bear running into your car. did he dent it?

  2. Oh, my heck that is crazy! We have a lake house in Northern Minnesota and my son and I rode up on a Mamma bear and two cubs on our bikes. My son was about five at the time (he is 27 now) and it scared the bejezzus out of both of us. Needeless to say, we turned around and headed back to the house as fast as we could.

  3. Oh no...I am so afraid of the bear up here! They are all over the place. People at work have had them in their yards..more than once. I'd soil myself if I saw one.
    I'm glad you weren't injured.

  4. Oh Yikes. We have deer but I would freak if I saw a bear. Please tell me you won't be out in between the trees on the tree farm. What if you ran into him/her there? I can't even think about it. Now you will have to post regularly or we will all think you have met up with your furry friend and became his/her dinner. :)
    Thanks for stopping by Becolorful. Yes it was hot in Texas. I kind of questioned having an outdoor affair in Texas in July but what do I know. He is in the car business. It is hard to explain what he does. Actually a number of things I guess. A lot of them related to automobiles.
    The house was incredible. Not my style, but amazing just the same.