Saturday, March 12, 2011

Upholstery job.... DONE & DELIVERED !!!!!!!!

                 This job kicked my back side to the curb & back again.....

                            The Before.... there was 2 of them
                                         with the ottoman

                             She said that she was in no hurry....
                                        They were just starting the remodel job.....
                             It would be more than a few months.....

                                       yea.... no kidding.....
                                   It took me that long.........
                            I started last fall & took them apart        
                Then the mitten business took over my entire life
                Remember??  How I whined about it back over here
                      So... after the Holidays, I got back to the job.....

                               She told me to be creative....  Do what I wanted....
            The fabric was reversible & she wanted me to use both sides.
                     & She did not want the skirts back on the chairs.
                  BUT... BUT... BUT.... It all had to match..... AGH!!!
                   & then there was not quite enough fabric.... AGH!!!!
                             because of the repeat in the fabric
                   I did what I thought looked best & tried to match
      Thinking..."well, you would want the brown where your head rests"
                 "& brown near the floor, where dirt would gather"
                        "& brown where your hands would rest"
               SOoooo I just went with it, adding as I went along...
                 not sure what it would look like, until I was finished.
                                 Because that's how I roll.....
                                           So, the seat cushions are reversible
                  Then I thought it was kind of boring, so I added the 4 in.
                             border, blue in front, brown in back.
                            So adding & subtracting as I went....
                          but because of no skirts, I had to hand sew
                 the border & welt on, there was nothing to nail it to....
                      again.... going with the flow, not planning it out
                                            ahead of time
              This set is going in her new 800 sq. ft. bedroom.
                               They will set by the fireplace.
                             So she wanted pillows for the bed
                            Did you read that?? 800 sq. ft.??
                                As big as our 1st house....  : )
                    SOooo I finish this job, I am taking pics to show you
                              And then to my GREAT HORROR!!!
              Do you see it??? The dumbest mistake I have EVER made.....
                     I had sewn welting in the seams on the back of
                                one chair & not the other  
                                 How ever did I do that???     
              I guess, when you go with the flow & add here & there
                            And you are rushing.... AGH!!!!    
                 So now what to do???  It would mean taking the
                           whole chair apart again... OH NO!!!!
                       I seriously thought about glueing it on ....   :) 
                        (would she notice?? If I left as is?? :)
                So after some careful consideration & thought...
                                 I hand stitched it on.
                                             I delivered them a few days ago
                                  And she was very pleased
                   And just the day before I delivered them, I couldn't    
                 leave well enough alone & quickly made a few throw
                                    pillows for the chairs    
                 I am not by any means a professional upholsterer...
        And I have done jobs like this before..... For myself... :)            
                          BUT this one just about did me in.
       Did you see how many miles & miles of welting there is on these? :)
              You really could not pay me enough to do this one again
                   (she is a friend or I would have had to charge as
                          much as she spent on the remodel :)            

                               I have another chair sitting here,
                                      for someone else
                                     waiting to be done...
                                 (with no matching AT ALL :)

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  1. Wow oh WOW! They're gorgeous!!! WOW!

    If I had that talent, I'd be redoing all my furniture! Just yesterday I was looking at an old set with the most horrific fabric and cheap cushions -- but with a cool wood frame -- and wondering how on earth people are able to do this.

    Your talent is amazing!!

  2. wow oh wow is right!
    You are very talented at this! Really, they are wonderful!

  3. You did a fantastic job! I can't believe all the work that went into those chairs. And..what a job! It would have cost a fortune to have had them done by someone that wasn't a friend. I'll bet you felt a little overwhelmed about 2/3 through the whole process. Happy that you delivered them...and I am happy that she was pleased with them. Hugs-Diana

  4. Wow, Kathy, what an amazing job you did on those chairs! Love the combo of fabrics and the pillows. I don't even want to think about how much work that took to do. You have a real talent. Enjoy your next project!

  5. How talented you are and such beautiful chairs!

  6. You are very talented. That's just amazing. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to come and check out my blog and follow me back at Thanks so much.

  7. I agree, you are talented. I wouldn't even know where to start! They turned out great. I'm sure she is pleased. Dropping by from Met Monday. When you have a few minutes, I'd love for you to come see my recovered chairs.


  8. May have kicked your butt, but MAN did they turn out nice! love the pattern and the color. Nice job Kathy! Thanks for joining my newbie party.

  9. My hat is off to you! My hubby and I are refurbishing a 1972 travel trailer, and I attempted (note: attempted) to recover the cushions like you did the seat cushions, with the welting around the edges...with NO luck. I opted to cover the foam and staple the fabric to the bottoms with a piece of OSB board for stability. Kudos to you for being able to accomplish the feat. lol Love your blog...I'm your newest follower, and can't wait to see what you do next!! ~Kim

  10. OMG, you are so a professional, what a talent! They are gorgeous 800 sq ft, heck my house is not much bigger than that!! Fabulous sign! I wish I had a Cricut or a BFF with one! I am visiting from Debbie Doos and and I am your newest follower, hope you will stop by for a visit and follow me back.


  11. Oh, my goodness! You're good! And these chairs are just so gorgeous! I love the pretty fabric and all that you did with it! Wish I could do this! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Happy Birtday to youuuuuuuuu, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Happy Birthday dear Kathyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Happy Birthday to you!
    I hope you have a wonderful day today!!!!
    Hugs, Sonya

  13. Kathy, is it (was it) your birthday? Mine too! Happy birthday!!

    Totally nice job on your upholstery project. Looks very professional. I am pretty sure that I could not have undertaken such a project. Big round of applause!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a very kind comment. To answer your question, the chair placed immediately next to the table was a purchase as-is from "The Dump" in Houston. The sofa on the other side of the chair I found at a consignment store. I liked the brown leather, but found it too dense after I got it into my home, so I threw a Dash & Albert rug over it to soften the look. Works much better that way. I like a mixture of patterns - it appears that might be your preference too.

    Have a great day!! Diane

  14. I am so glad you stopped by and linked up these awesome chairs to my Swing into Spring party. They really are amazing.

  15. Wow! I would never have guessed you're not a professional upholsterer! These are beautiful. Way to think creatively with hand stitching the welt on the second chair!

  16. They turned out beautifully! You are so talented. I could never have pulled that one off.

  17. Hi Kathy!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It's so nice to meet you! Yes, I am VERY familiar with "Sharon Young"!!!

    You are incredibly talented!!!!! I'd love to have a tutorial on recovering chairs like that - WOW!!!! I would LOVE to be able to do that!!!
    YOU ARE GOOD!!!!! Everything turned out gorgeous!!!!

    Thanks again for stopping by! I'm a new follower of yours!! :-)

  18. She is going to LOVE them. I have never even thought about giving this a try. If it has any math required then it is best to count me out but I am always so impressed and amazed by you girls that take this on. They turned out beautifully. Thanks for sharing on Motivated Monday at BeColorful

  19. This is really amazing! Not to mention it is so sweet that you made extra cushions too. What a lucky lady she is (and not just because her bedroom is two thirds the size of my house!).

  20. these are amazing! You would never know u had any issues or problems deciding fabric placement...they look perfect!

  21. Wow, those chairs are awesome! I love the reversible fabric. You did an amazing job.

  22. The welting on these is absolutely divine — totally worth all the headaches (that's easy for me to say!). These pieces are lovely.

  23. I simply admire you for knowing how to uphosterer. It seems very, very scary to me. The chairs turned out beautifully and I'm VERY sure your friend was elated. Great job.

  24. WOW! Great job! Want to come to my house, I have plenty of work to keep you busy? lol

  25. Oh my word girl those are glorious!!!!! I do so admire your talented to create such beauty like that from fabric!!!! You did an amazing job and I am sure your friend just 'squealed' when she saw them! Thanks so much for coming by let me 'come here and find you' Hope you have a great week...if I was your neighbor...I'd be leaving little bags of fabric at your doorstep with a note saying...'surprise me' Picket

  26. Wow, what a fantastic do over. I have some that need recovering if you are in the area lol.

  27. wow amazing you are truly talented! and patient

  28. Wow, what a lovely transformation, you did such a great job:)

  29. Wow, thats what I call a job well done.... They are one of a kind or should I say 2 of a kind, whatever, they are beautiful. You excel...

  30. Wow, you rock, Girl! I tried a little bit of upholstering a while back, and almost stopped doing anything at all, I was so discouraged. It is HARD! Your chairs look wonderful, and your friend is very lucky. :)

  31. Wow, that might have kicked your butt, but it is gorgeous, what a fabulous job you did!


  32. Wow what an awesome job you did. What a great transformation. They are just beautiful.

  33. Hi Kathy,
    I have to admit I am envious that you have stayed at the Grand Hotel so many times!!
    When we go to Mackinac Island we cross over from Pestigo, Wisconsin into Marinette, Michigan. Love the area!
    Happy Weekend,

  34. You did a fantastic job, Kathy, and I think you have a great eye for detail! I can barely sew by hand, so I really admire what you have done with the chairs. Very sweet of you to make the extra pillows! Great job! :-)


  35. Hey girl...I still can't get over how talented you are! lol Thanks for coming by..I am on the Weight Watchers Point system and I am loving it! I still have a long way to go but at least I have started this journey...that is always the hardest part....have a great weekend girl...Picket

  36. may not be professional but you sure as heck did an awesome job on these. Your work is beautiful, girlfriend.
    I am so glad it's all over with now and she is happy.:))

  37. WOW definitely have talent. Can you fly over to Ontario Canada sweet girl and do my furniture..? lol The pieces turned out amazingly.

  38. Kathy that AMAZING!!!! I can't quit looking at these chairs and all their fabulousness!! Love it is an understatement!

    Thanks for your kind comment you left on my blog

    I'm your newest follower and I can tell I'm going to LOVE it. Looking forward to reading through your archives!


  39. Kathy... I'm in awe! I haven't the first clue how to upholster something, so I am extremely impressed. Wonderful job :)

  40. Wow, what an amazing redo! I would consider you a professional for sure! They look so pulled together, and the pillows are the perfect touch! I can only imagine having a bedroom that large:)

  41. What a beautiful job you did on the chairs and ottoman! You are definately a professional!!
    The pillows add just the right touch.
    Sooooo nice.

  42. thanks for stopping in, I am anxiously awaiting your next upholstery job, this was gorgeous!!

  43. You did an amazing job. Upholstery is really hard work, after doing it myself I can see why the pros charge so much. Thanks for visiting.

  44. After this preformance you can give yourself the title of "Professional Upholsterer." These look PERFECT!

  45. Sorry I can't spell(I'm a product California public schools when creative writing was in and phonics were out) I meant "performance" not preformance.

  46. WOW, what a transformation. I'm your newest follower! TFS

  47. WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! What a beautiful redo! I just caught this post while browsing around. I am still trying to catch my is gorgeous.

  48. WOW! I am absolutely AMAZED!!! Put my reupholster job to SHAME!! I just absolutely love them! I know what you mean about them doing you in, just the one black and white chair that I just did was a job, I couldn't imagine having to do 2 and an ottoman! Do you have any advice on maybe the best place to look for "how to's"? I haven't been doing these things for long and learning as I go, but teaching myself and sometimes I run into that dreaded "what do I do hear??" moment and it would be great to have a reference in those moments. Those are awesome!
    and in response to your comment....thanks! It amazes me what people will just get rid of! I knew that it was old because the tag was still stapled to the bottom of the chair, lol. It says 1923. But like I said, only people like us can see the greatness and the vision that they could be. With yours being your grandmothers, even more reason to love it!