Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Collection of Christmas trees

                           I have a collection of  Vintage
                Ceramic Christmas trees.

                                            I have them all over the house.
            I really never meant to collect them, it just happened. 
 I happened to get my Grandmother's when she passed. Then I bought one at a thrift store for $2. Then a client told me they were pretty valuable & collectible. So if I saw one cheap, at a thrift store, I would buy it. I think I have 40 + of them in all shapes, colors & sizes. I have never paid more than $5. for one.

                 The very large in one in the middle was a gift from a friend, from Church. She had it in her barn, didn't want it any longer & gave it to me. The one on on the left, back... Last week, I was home with the flu, a friend calls, says that she saw one at GW for $4. but it did not have any lights, so she didn't think I would want it. I got dressed, not feeling well, drove down there, bought it for the $4. & the lights were all taped to the inside.... told her she could have gotten $100 for it on Ebay..... : )

                                   Playing around with them on the kitchen counter
                       I  am just getting out the decorations..... 
                      & they will all get moved around as I add : )

                                      Back entry table.                            
              One of the few I have in the Beauty shop.... this one I bought just a few weeks ago at a thrift store, no base, no lights, I hesitated, as they wanted $5. But I bought it. Went back this week & there was the base.... they gave it to me for free.                     

                                     Ceramic wreath, goes with the collection.
                         Back entry.... Goodwill $2. a few yrs. ago

                  Mantle tree, not lit,  with mantle to be decorated
                      with greenery in the next day or 2.

          I am late getting at my decorating this year.
     I have been down with flu & busy with my wool business....
       I knew back in July I should have been sewing mittens & scarves : ) 
               More on that later.... I still have to decorate my 2 trees, put up the Dickens village.... & an upholstery job to finish by the weekend....
            Better get to it......



  1. Oh, I love that very much...something like that would work in our small house, and I could have one or two in every room...
    thank you for showing this..
    Merry Christmas

  2. love your collection of trees. Really love it. I have done a similar thing on my dining table but I like yours wayyyyyy better. :)

  3. I have a white one and you have over 40!!!!
    Which reminds me...I forgot to take it out this year!!!!
    Hope your having fun readying for the Holidays.
    Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. OMGoodness...that is quite a collection..I would not have a place to put that many. They sure look pretty in your house.
    xo bj

  5. WOW Kathy what an awesome collection. You know I have always adored those ceramic trees..they look so pretty lit. Have a great day!~Debbie

  6. I only have one tiny one, and you have a whole forest!
    I bet it looks great all lit at night.
    The dishes are from Wal-Mart I think(from my post).
    Have fun decorating.

  7. What a nice collection! I have 8 and felt like I had a collection until I saw your trees. Your collection puts mine in the shade...ummm, sorry:-)
    They are beautiful!

  8. Thanks for your commment today on my Christmas hurricanes! I hadn't thought of the river rocks, I bet that's really pretty. I ended up putting a couple layers of the little tiny ornaments in the bottom to raise the candle. I might have to change it to the rocks though. Thanks!


  9. Thank you for your overly kind comment on my House Tour post. I may just have to print it out and frame it. :) :You may notice that there isn't a full picture of my living room or the Master bedroom. There is a reason for that ... both rooms are hideous right now. I also feel that some of it may look pretty in pictures but in reality it is starting to look a bit tired. Our house is a big old rambler and that means there is always a project or three crying to be done. After twelve years I am almost all the way through the house but now the rooms I did first, in the early years, are screaming out for a redo. #$**?!
    Thanks again and I do still love these trees. My mother in law has one. I may put my name on it. :)
    Have a Merry Christmas

  10. Guess what I will be on the hunt for now during yard sales..yepper...I got one of those trees myself..I love it. I never knew they were collectible either nor able to fetch that kind of price..They are all just beautiful. I adore the gloves with the buttons on them like that..gorgeous. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  11. I love vintage trees. You have a great collection, Thanks for visiting. Blessings, Dianntha

  12. Lovely trees, thanks for sharing.

  13. Hi Kathy, thanks so much for visiting my blog. Yes, by all means keep looking, every side road, street and winding lane cannot be left undriven. That's a commandment...didn't you know. And someday before your wandering eyes will appear... just the right place. Doesn't Michigan have alot of lakes and streams...all the better...what a place for treasure hunting. Get out your maps and tally ho!!! My cousin lives in St. Joseph.
    All the best, keep me up on your side trips...please. Love to hear about hunting excursions...
    Kathy from Yakima, WA.

  14. Hi Kathy, thank you for your visit to my blog so I can visit yours! I have a few ceramic trees, so this post made me smile. What a collection!

    I would like to know more about the wool mittens, they are works of art.

    You asked about my dishes, and they are from Mackenzie-Childs. If you google, you will get to their website. My dishes are called Courtly Check enamel ware. I go to their annual "barn" sale so I get them at a discount.

  15. Hey girlfriend!!!!!
    Time for a new post!
    Hope your doing okay...missing you,
    Hugs, Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  16. Ah, so you're the one that made me want to find every ceramic tree in Oklahoma. I found one pink one...PINK!!! ONE!!!
    You woke up a sleeping giant in me...
    thanks for sharing these and giving me another
    hugs, glenda

  17. I love all these little Christmas trees.

  18. Your ceramic tree collection is wonderful! I recently found one at a vintage shop and brought it home. Have always loved them, but this is my first one. :-)

  19. My Mom had one as I was growing up, but she never had it plugged it in. I found I wreath at a garage sale and put it up every Year....would love to find a tree