Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Special day!

           These sweet boys are 1 today. Aren't they the most adorable?
            The one on the left is Alex, the one on the right, Ian.
         Thier mother is my little cousin, who is really like my sister.  
 Kim, had a few miscarriages & then a still born baby boy, Troy. And then after much doctoring, it did not look good for getting pregnant again.   Then after some special, expensive procedures.... she was told "Twins"    BUT one will most likely not survive....
           BUT God is SO good & she carried them all the way to term.
    We celebrated them this weekend....   I made them something I had seen out there in Blogland....

                                               A Travel High Chair

           I figured they will get a LOT of toys.... & heck they are 1, they don't know.... I'll do something for Mom.... 
                                               She LOVES them. 
          Not a 4 pt. safety high Chair, but they will work. And instead of carting in 2 high chairs wherever they go.... these will do in a pinch.
             She said, "All the wiggling & they stayed put.
               Aren't these boys just the cutest?   Love them to pieces!! 


  1. Happy birthday to your boys; they are the cutest!


  2. Happy Birthday to those sweet boys...what an amazing story, I love it..
    I would love to barter with you...
    One 8x10 picture of my header for the pattern of that seat thingy...that is tooooo cute, and we have babies coming out of our ears around here..
    Whaddya think, deal?
    send me your addy if you want the pic...
    no hard feelings if ya don't wanna..
    thanks for coming by for my school picturs post.

  3. Hey Kathy!!!!
    Such precious little guys!!!!

    Hands down your the winner with the most correct answers on our vacation where abouts!
    I'll post that tonight so everyone will know you won!
    Send me your address ....by leaving a comment on my blog...I'll copy it then deleat it,
    No one else will see it.
    Got a little something for you.
    Hope you had fun traveling along...felt like you were there with us.!
    Enjoy this Michigan Fall/Autumn....here it comes!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. Yes they are the cutest and what a blessing indeed...look how happy they are too:)!!~ I want to hug them and kiss them they are so stinkin cute...I love lil boys....and look at their feet..heheheheh'

  5. wow,,your creative. I just adore what you made..I'm loving the colours also. This would be something great to use with my daycare children when I have them over for supper with their mom's (when daddy's are working afternoons I like to invite them over)..those precious wee ones are just too cute. May God be gracious to them and bless them and make His face shine upon them always and forever..amen amen amen

  6. Cute wee ones and great idea for a gift. Only someone that has been down that road would get it and know that mom will appreciate this gift and the little guys will play with the box they came in.
    What a bittersweet story but one that ultimately had a great ending. God is definitely good.
    Thank you for your sweet comment of encouragement on my living room rant today. BTW good eye on spying that wine glass. I must confess though it really isn't a glass of wine it is a candle. :) I had probably already emptied my real glass. :)
    Pam @ Becolorful